Herman Ramm Memorial Award

An annual prize (of £400) is awarded by the Society to perpetuate the memory of Herman Ramm OBE, MA, FSA (1922-91). The prize is awarded to the postgraduate student in the Department of Archaeology at the University of York who, in the University’s view, has submitted the best dissertation on an archaeological subject during the year.

The 2020 prize was awarded to
Harry Platts for his postgraduate dissertation, Halls of governance and community: a spatial analysis of public buildings in late medieval Essex.
Herman Ramm Prize 2020. Abstract

The 2019 prize was awarded to Andrew Langley, for his postgraduate dissertation, An experimental approach to birch-bark tar production in the European Mesolithic
Herman Ramm Prize 2019. Abstract

The 2018 prize, was awarded to Isobel Wisher for her postgraduate dissertation, In the eye of the beholder? Negotiating identity through personal ornaments in the Upper Palaeolithic
Herman Ramm Prize 2018. Abstract

There were 3 prizewinners in 2017, each awarded £400:-
Helen Mulholland for her postgraduate dissertation, Milk as a plasticiser in lime mortar: a historical and analytical study

Rebecca Seakins for her postgraduate dissertation, Living with the emerging yeomanry of eastern Sussex: a social and spatial analysis of medieval and rural vernacular buildings

Stella Fox for her postgraduate dissertation, The first Hebrew city: a thematic and analytical gazetteer of German-made ornamental materials on Tel Aviv’s Bauhhaus buildings.
Herman Ramm Prize 2017. Joint winners’ abstracts

The 2016 prize was awarded to Caitlin Kitchener for her postgraduate dissertation, The Radical Landscapes of Peterloo: an archaeological analysis of the construction of radical political space.
Herman Ramm prize 2016. Abstract

The 2015 prize was awarded to Samantha Presslee, MSc in Bioarchaeology, for her dissertation, Using ancient proteomics tools to identify the exploitation of bird eggs in archaeological contexts, which received the highest mark of the 2014/5 cohort.
Herman Ramm prize 2015. Abstract

From left: Catherine Brophy, Chair of YPS with 2015 winners: Blessing Chidimuro, (winner of Charles Wellbeloved Prize); Samanatha Presslee, winner of Herman Ramm Prize;
John Schofield, Head of Dept. of Archaeology, University of York.

The 2014 prize was awarded to Rose Harris Adamson for her postgraduate dissertation entitled Exploring significance: revisiting the Greater Church of Beverley Minster.
Herman Ramm Prize 2014. Abstract

The 2013 prize of £400 was awarded to Andrew Marriott for his postgraduate dissertation, The Danelaw boundary of the late ninth century.

The 2012 prize of £400 was awarded to Gordon Wallace for his dissertation Lissos: a Cretan city in its landscape context from the Classical period to late antiquity.