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Stratford tour postponed to 2022

9 Nov 2021
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12:00 AM
Stratford tour postponed to 2022

Event Information

It has been necessary to postpone this trip to 2022

Details will be announced later, but we hope to make the tour as similar as possible to the one described below. However, there may be some changes as a result of the pandemic.

Information on the tour which was postponed is as follows:-

We structured a tour which we believe many of our members would find of interest because of its variety.

Tuesday 9th November 2021

We leave York on our way to the Dogs for the Blind National Breeding Centre in Bishop’s Tachbrook, Warwickshire.  The visit will consist of a talk, guided tour of the visitor’s centre, including viewing puppies via viewing windows, the sensory tunnel and other experiences which may become available on the day. The Centre has a highly scientific laboratory (not opened to visitors) but the guide will explain the complex nature of the DNA involved in obtaining the ‘right dog’ for the ‘right location’ in the country.  For example, dogs trained for London with the need to cope with the London Underground requires different characteristics from those based in York.  Dogs are not just trained, they are specifically bred for assignments.  The visit will take place between 2-4 pm, so we will be stopping somewhere else (more details to follow)) for lunch in a place which can offer us more than lunch.

Wednesday 10th November 2021

The morning will be spent with free time in Stratford, for members to explore at their leisure and have lunch. We will then meet at an appointed place to see a matinee at the Swan Theatre, which since its restoration some years ago, has become ‘the home’ of the Royal Shakspeare Company.  This had previously been in the Barbican in ‘the City’, London.  The programme is not yet available.  Needless to say, Stratford does not need much introduction, being the birthplace in 1564 and schooling days of the Bard William Shakespeare. Quite a few of us may have already visited Stratford, but like York, it is always a place which can be re-visited many times and new places to visit or revisit. The church of The Holy Trinity, where Shakespeare was baptised on 26th April 1564 and where he is buried, has always been a place of much interest not just to visitors but to historians and archaeologists who argue as to whether his head is actually there or was stolen in the 19th century Victorian period. The floor slabs over his interment give some clue to the ongoing discussion.  Then return to the hotel and dinner.

Thursday 11th November 2021

We aim to spend the morning in a nature reserve/marine riverine area which will offer us inside/outside facilities.  This is still to be researched.

After the morning visit, if lunch can be obtained there, we will have lunch and depart for a guided tour of Warwick Castle.  This Castle’s history goes back to 1,100 years ago when it was founded as one of the famous ‘burhs’ which Alfred the Great started to build in the 9th century as the Saxons’s fight-back to the Danish Scandinavian ‘Viking’ invaders – the only difference is that this particular ‘burh’ was actually built by his formidable daughter, Ethelfleda, titled ‘the Lady of Mercia’.  The Castle, apart from being rather impressive, also has connections with the Neville family and the ‘Kingmaker’ who put King Edward IV of the House of York on the throne.

After our visit we will make our way back to York.