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GALAPAGOS​: Archaeology and the ​Global ​Challenge of Marine Plastics

27 Nov 2018
Start time
7:30 PM
Tempest Anderson Hall
Professor John Schofield

Event Information

GALAPAGOS​: Archaeology and the ​Global ​Challenge of Marine Plastics

Professor John Schofield

This talk will take archaeology in a different direction to previous years, recognising it as a method, a way of seeing the world, but not only a​n ancient​ world beyond memory. In this talk I explore the role and the significance of what is being termed ‘contemporary archaeology’, or the archaeology of the latest geological epoch, the Anthropocene, characterised by the ​often ​detrimental impact humans are having on our planet. The talk will describe a new project, coordinated by the Galapagos Conservation Trust, in which various subject specialists are collaborating to create a novel and lasting solution to the significant challenge of marine plastic pollution in the unique and spectacular marine environment of the Galapagos archipelago​, Ecuador​. Approaching 200 years since Darwin presented Galapagos to the World, we intend to use this ​same ​environment ​as a laboratory, ​to demonstrate how ​sustainable ​solutions can be found to one of the marine environment’s greatest threats. ​In this talk I will focus on my archaeological contributions, and my exploration of this extraordinary landscape, but in the context.

The Herman Ramm and Charles Wellbeloved Archaeology Awards will be announced and presented before the lecture