Wine Servers – help welcome

After most YPS lectures, we  invite attendees to spend a few minutes at the Lodge for a drink and a chat with other members and the guest speaker. To facilitate this, we need volunteers to set out and serve wine, soft drinks and nibbles, and clear up afterwards, for one or two lectures per season.  This is a small commitment, and an easy way to get to know people. Please email, or contact Frances at the lodge if you think you can help with this.

The following will give you an idea of what is required

The job of wine server
1. Before the lecture
The new burglar alarm on the lodge has led us to make some changes in the instructions about picking up the keys.
The easiest, and probably safest, way is to collect them at about 7 pm from the folk at the front desk at the museum. That way you can confirm with them that there will not be a problem with the alarm.
  •  If you wish to set up before the lecture, you can then go straight down to the lodge, open up and set up as below. Lock the door again as you leave.
  •  If you are familiar with the job, and confident enough  to set up after the lecture, you can do so.

Once in the lodge,  set up the wine table in its usual orientation. To get wine, glasses, juice and nibbles you will need to open the cupboard with the combination lock on the door – I will give you the required combination when you volunteer. It can still be a bit stiff even when you have this correct. Set out the glasses, nibbles, etc. in the usual fashion

2. After the lecture, before questions, slip out of the hall, down to the lodge and open up.
If you have not already done so, set up as above.
Unlock the kitchen, turn on the water heater in the kitchen, in readiness for washing-up, and prepare to welcome all comers, especially the speaker.
3. After a suitable time interval, start collecting glasses, and otherwise gently hinting it is time to go home. Use vac-u-vin to seal any unfinished wine bottles – juice will need to be used up, or taken home. Wash up, turn off water heater, return everything to its original place, make sure everyone else has left the building and lock all three doors. Put keys in letter-box and go home, with warm feeling of job well done.