10th February onwards new “Soundmarks York” at “Dig” until 24th April 2024 open from 10am to 3pm daily

Soundmarks is a collaboration between artist and archaeologist Rose Ferraby and artist Rob St John. It explores and animates the archaeological remains and stories of the Roman settlements of Aldborough and York.

For this exhibition, Rose and Rob have used sound and visual art to assemble narratives of the often-invisible archaeology of Roman York. They have been inspired by new work by the ‘Roman York Beneath the Streets’ project, which has used a combination of antiquarian records, old excavations and new radar surveys to gain new understandings of this remarkable Roman centre.

Drawing on these archaeological discoveries and the modern day city, Rose and Rob have created an art trail featuring six locations that together allow us to imagine our way beneath the streets and back in time to Roman York. The route takes in the vast cemeteries beneath the Railway station, the forgotten cargoes of long-gone ships in the River Ouse, arrivals and departures by the great walls of the fortress in the Museum Gardens. Underneath the Minster we feel the power and might of the Roman empire at the heart of the fort, whilst here at DIG there is a Roman landscape in transition from the industry of harbours on the Foss to a burial ground. Finally, back up the hill at Micklegate we find ourselves in the heart of the civilian settlement, with the animation and hubbub of daily life.

Dig, St Saviourgate, York, YO1 8NN

Aldborough Sound Art Trail information, including map and audio files, on the “Soundmarks” website: