Website help

To assist users to get the best out of this website, some guidance is provided on this page below.

If, after following the guidelines, you are still experiencing difficulties, click this link to send an email: YPS Website Help

how to effectively navigate the website

The webpage layout consists of the header, the page body and the footer. There are navigational links in each of these.
The header and footer and the navigational links within them are the same on every page.

The header menu includes a number of coloured “tabs” which, when you click on them, take you to the different areas of the website.
For example, to go to the “What’s On” page, simply click on the orange “What’s On” Tab on the header menu.
Also in the header, you will find links to the “login” page and the “contact” page – to go to these pages, simply click on the word itself.

The footer menu has some of the same links as the header menu but also includes links to other useful information such as “Website Help” (this page), “Site Map” (a lsit of all the pages on the website), “Disclaimer” and “Privacy Policy”.

Each page has a menu for navigation in the left-hand column. This is different for each page and the links listed there take you to the other webpages associated with that area of the website. For example, on the “About YPS” page you can find “Who’s Who” and  “YPS History” listed on the left column page menu. Click on the page name to go to the page you want.

how to search for information

In both the header and the footer of each webpage, there are search boxes where you can enter text which the website will then search all pages for and list those pages which have matching text.

There is an additional search facility on the “What’s On” pages to allow you to search the events listings specifically. This includes extra features to allow you to restrict your search to event type (e.g. lecture, activity, cafe scientifique etc.) and venue/location (e.g. lecture hall, visit destination etc.).

To make a search effective, it helps to use only one or two keywords. If the search does not list the page or event you are looking for the first attempt, try again with a different keyword or phrase.

members-only access and how to login

Many pages of the website are only accessible to users who have a username and password.
All YPS members are entitled to be issued with a password.
If you are a member and have not received your password, please contact the YPS office.
Note that you must have a valid email address to register for this service.

Once you have received your username and password notification by email, you can log-in straight away.
To log-in, simply click on the word “login” in the webpage header (on any page).
This will take you to a log-in page where you simply enter your username and password.
(note: your email address will work as your username)

how to change your password

If you wish to change your password or you have forgotten it, while you are on the login page, you can click on “lost your password?”.
You will then be asked to enter your email address so that a link can be sent to you by email to allow you to create a new password and use it straight away.
Alternatively, you can contact YPS Website Help and request a new password to be issued (this may take up to a few days).

reporting errors in the website content

If you spot any factual or typographical errors, malfunction or out of date information, please either leave a comment in the box below (if you are logged in) or notify us by email at YPS Website Help.
Any feedback on the website content is useful to us – there are a lot of pages to look after so your help is appreciated.

We hope you enjoy using the website!