About YPS

The Yorkshire Philosophical Society is a charitable learned society, founded in 1822 when “philosophical” had the same meaning as “scientific”. The Society’s primary aim is to promote public understanding and involvement in the academic disciplines of the natural and social sciences.

The main vehicle for this is through a series of over twenty lectures given each year by eminent academics and scientists from the Yorkshire region and other parts of the UK. The lectures are held in the Tempest Anderson Lecture Hall which is part of the Yorkshire Museum in York. All lectures are open to the public. For further information on the lecture programme, please go to the “what’s on” page.

In addition to the lecture programme, the YPS also provides the following:

  • The Annual report which includes summary reports on the previous season’s lectures and in-depth articles on subjects relating to the Society’s interests;
  • Its own publications and articles on subjects relating to the Society’s interests (see the ‘Resources‘ page);
  • Financial support for publications, projects and the purchase of significant items to enhance local public museum collections,  relating to the Society’s interests (see the ‘Awards and Grants‘ pages);
  • Awards and Grants presented to school pupils and university students for deserving work or achievements (see the ‘Awards and Grants‘ pages);
  • Educational activities for primary and secondary schools;
  • Social events for members including an annual dinner and excursions and holidays, including visits to a variety of sites of historical, cultural and/or scientific interest.

Soon after its foundation, the Society founded the Yorkshire Museum and Botanical Gardens. From its earliest days the Society sought to promote the study of the natural sciences and antiquities. For more details on the history of the YPS and the Yorkshire Museum and Gardens, please go to the YPS History pages.

The Yorkshire Philosophical Society is an ally of the British Science Association.

The Yorkshire Philosophical Society is registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales; registered charity no. 529709.


The Yorkshire Philosophical Society (YPS) takes seriously its obligations and responsibilities to protect and safeguard the welfare of any child, young person or vulnerable adult who attends our events.  Unless otherwise stated, all our events are open to members and non-members. We welcome children provided that they are accompanied by a responsible adult.  The Safeguarding Policy is displayed at the Lodge. The Safeguarding Officer is the Trustee, Ms Catherine Brophy (cafesci@ypsyork.org) to whom all safeguarding concerns should be addressed.


The Yorkshire Philosophical Society (YPS) holds members’ names and addresses and, where supplied, telephone numbers and email addresses.  This personal information is used for sending out details of our activities.  The information remains confidential and is retained within the Society.  Members may have access to their personal information on request by contacting the Clerk at info@ypsyork.org

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Banner images: YPS Lodge from Google Street View; Yorkshire Museum 1829 drawn by N Whittock, engraved by J Wesley