Annual Report

The Yorkshire Philosophical Society publishes an Annual report which details its activities of the past twelve months and includes the annual financial statement. The Report includes reports on study visits and lectures and a number of specially commissioned articles.

A print copy is provided to all members in spring each year in advance of the Annual General Meeting.

A selection of items in digital format in Annual reports from 2011 on, is available by clicking on the list at the left. Reports of lectures are posted in the listings under the Resources tab – to find a report for a specific lecture, go to Past Events and Reports and search by title, keyword or date. Also listed under Resources are a number of articles from the Annual report written by members.

Copies of the YPS Annual reports, dating from the first one in 1823 to the present day, are available to read in a number of places, including the Lodge, the York Explore Library, (which used to be the Central Library), and the Borthwick Institute at the University of York. There is also an Index to articles 1823-1995 which includes obituaries, compiled by Sylvia Hogarth, and an Index of Articles & Obituaries 1996 to 2022, compiled by Veronica Wallace and Frances Chambers.

All the earliest reports, from 1823 to 1959, are also available, free, on-line by clicking YPS Annual Reports on-line