Archaeology Awards 2016

Hermann Ramm Prize – was awarded to Caitlin Kitchener, MA in Historical Archaeology for her dissertation entitled:

‘The Radical Landscapes of Peterloo: An archaeological analysis of the construction of radical political space.’

Historical Archaeology has yet to explore its full potential in the study of the political Peterloo, subsequent events, and the York trial of those arrested, offer the exciting opportunity to analyse the role of material culture and landscape in the construction of political radicalism, demonstrating that archaeology can utilise a documentary record rather than traditional sources to provide new insights.These discoveries include how British Radicals were creating a unified visual material culture. Loyalists and prosecutors used material culture to construct a violent crowd, and that local landscapes connected to produce a national reaction to Peterloo.

Charles Wellbeloved Prize – was awarded to Stuart Henderson, BA Archaeology.
for his dissertation entitled:

‘A revolution in sheep’s clothing: a review of the changes in sheep farming and management techniques in eighteenth and nineteenth century England.’

This dissertation examined in detail the changes that occurred in the breeding and management techniques of sheep farming in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. It presents the case that a thorough investigation into the changes occuring in this branch of agriculture will allow for more accurate interpretations of the period commonly referred to as The Agricultural Revolution.