Nuffield Projects Celebration Event

Sixth Form students studying science subjects and mathematics spend 4/6 weeks on attachment to a senior scientist in a University or a Business. The students prepare a report of their research findings. YPS hosted a Celebration Event for some of this year’s Yorkshire cohort, on Tuesday 4th October in the Yorkshire Museum, before the Lecture on “Explosives: the past, present and future” by Prof Jackie Akhavan, Head of the Centre for Defence Chemistry, Cranfield University.

Students had produced posters to explain their research projects to YPS members and other invited guests. Projects included “Spectroscopic Composition of the Sun”, “Investigation into the cell biology of human breast and prostate cancer cells”, and “Laser speckle pattern recognition” among other topics.

The students work was also assessed for a Gold CREST award from The British Science Association. Professor Akhavan presented the students with both their Nuffield and CREST certificates. The Nuffield Foundation was founded by Lord Morris of Nuffield with profits from the Morris and Austin Car Industry. It has a number of philanthropic interests and has been active in UK schools and colleges for 50 years.