Research in Focus: The Microscopic World in 3D Tuesday 15th May

Research in Focus: The Microscopic World in 3D
Tuesday 15 May, 6.30pm
Ron Cooke Hub Auditorium, RCH/037

Microscopy is going through a revolution. Modern computing power, cameras and laser technology have unlocked our ability to image microbial life at high speeds and in three dimensions. Put on 3D glasses and join Dr Laurence Wilson from the Department of Physics and Dr Pegine Walrad from the Centre for Immunology and Infection to see for yourself how disease-causing pathogens swim and ‘talk’ to each other, how microbes move in extreme environments, and how carnivorous plants lay insidious traps in the soil.

The talk is followed at 7.30pm by a drinks reception, exhibition and 3Sixty installation at 7.30pm. With 3D images, lasers, drones, and an immersive view of swimming parasites, this promises to be a fantastic evening of interactive science.

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