The Clerk in a City

Friday 25th June 2021

From 0 – 200 mph in a couple of weeks!

My holiday was spent in Ely, a delightful combination of cathedral city and market town with two interesting little museums, a variety of boats on the river, spacious green parkland running uphill to the town centre, and the magnificent “Ship of the Fens” itself.  While I was admiring the east end of the cathedral, there was a flurry of consternation among the Woodpigeons and, overhead, a loud “Ee Ee Ee” call.  It came from a largish kestrel-shaped bird, which flapped doggedly from the west tower, manoeuvred carefully around a wide circle and struggled back again, complaining all the while.  It’s hard work learning to be the fastest bird on the planet, and before it can half-fold its wings and plunge out of the sky at 200 miles per hour, the young Peregrine Falcon has to master getting from A to B.  The Woodpigeons, realizing that they were in no danger from this particular bird for several days at least, settled back down again, and the falcon set off for another circuit of the south transept; “Ee Ee Ee Ee”.