The Clerk in the Country

Thursday 11th June 2020
Holiday time

It’s hard to believe that this is my 25th blog entry; the Clerk has been in the Country for three whole months. I didn’t think, when I left the Lodge on March 17th, that I wouldn’t see it again for so long. Had I known, I would have brought home more paper, envelopes, staples, a couple of books from the upstairs library and the packet of Hobnobs from my desk drawer.

Having reached this milestone, it’s time to take a short break. It was well before the pandemic that I arranged to take leave next week, anticipating of course a holiday involving hotels, trains and visits to places of interest, probably in company with crowds of fellow tourists. Instead I plan to explore “a foreign country”, where “they do things differently”. First stop will be York Museum Trust’s YouTube channel to catch up on the videos I haven’t had time to watch when actually in the museums, or not from an armchair with cup of tea (and Hobnob) in hand.