The Clerk in the Country

Friday 21st August 2020

Return to the Lodge

This week saw me return to the Lodge for the first time since the office plant and I left it on March 17th.  Both of us are now somewhat slimmer.  I have benefitted from being seven miles, rather than seven metres, from an ice cream cart, while the plant is a mere cutting of its former self.

Although it has been regularly checked by YMT staff and our own Council members, the little building still had an air of the Marie Celeste.  I turned over five months of the calendar, put the clock forward an hour and, after care handwashing, ate the Kitkat I’d put in my desk drawer for the following day, then set about opening up musty cupboards and discovering how many glitches a computer can come up with in several weeks of inactivity.

After 41 twice-weekly entries, the blog is likely to be less frequent as I now start to divide my time between the Lodge and my “home office”.  For the moment at least, the Clerk is no longer confined to the country.