The Clerk in the Country

Friday 9th October 2020

The “Zoom adventure” begins!

An exciting week for the Society!  Thanks to a great deal of hard work by our Chair and other volunteers we held our very first “Zoom lecture” on Tuesday evening followed by a “Zoom Café Scientifique” session on Wednesday.  Living so far from York I must admit that I found “zooming” to a lecture compared favourably with an hour’s drive in the dark.  It was easier to see the slides, and no one coughed at just the wrong moment.

The Café Sci event was particularly relevant to this blog because we had invited two Yorkshire farmers to talk to us about farming and climate change, which they did with passion and eloquence.  Over the years we’ve enjoyed hearing many good speakers but perhaps never before two who could so literally be described as experts in their own fields.  They also epitomised the versatility of their profession by, in one case, taking the place of a planned speaker with only hours’ notice and still coming up with a most interesting Powerpoint presentation, and, in the other, multi-tasking a combination of talk and evening meal.  This was probably another “first” for the Society but, if present circumstances persist, maybe not the last … “Zoom Annual Dinner”, anyone?


A pdf of Richard Bramley’s presentation has now been added to the page about October 7th Cafe Scientifique with a weblink to the NFU Environment Forum: Richard is a member:

Achieving farming’s Net Zero challenge