The Clerk in the Country

Friday 19th February 2021

A perch above a white world

Overlooking the back of the house, an old wooden electricity pole provides a favourite vantage point for birds.  A pigeon or dove often lands there for a look around, male blackbirds like to play “king of the castle”, and occasionally a sparrow hawk or kestrel assesses the potential for lunch, while at twilight the silhouette of a barn owl can be made out in the gloom.  It is too exposed a spot for the smaller birds, but in the recent snowy spell I noticed a robin up there, surveying his territory and perhaps congratulating himself on making his home near to one of those excellent bushes which bear abundant seeds – of several different sorts – all through the winter.  Despite the attentions of all his small neighbours, and even regular visits from those big creatures which can be found digging for worms on summer evenings, this food source never runs out.  Definitely something to perch high up and sing about.

Since then the snow has gone, but the robin’s domain is still white – with snowdrops.