The Clerk in the Country

Friday 12th March 2021

Most efficacious

Another newsletter has been completed and distributed and, as observant readers will have noticed, it involved the usual battle with technology, this time resulting in only a partial victory.  Nevertheless, it contains a fascinating variety of articles and is available here:

It also involved my now usual trudge to the Lodge through rain-swept Museum Gardens, bringing to mind the day, almost a year before, that I closed the office, retreated to the countryside, and started “blogging” in an attempt to reach out to members confined at home.  Since then the Society has achieved a great deal; moving lectures, Café Scientifique sessions and even social activities online.  Zoom meetings for our various committees are now commonplace and, of course, over the last few weeks have begun with “Where did you go for yours?” and “Which one did you have?”.  As I noted in that very first blog entry, science is coming up with answers and so, as I paddled past the Museum this time, I found running through my mind a cheerful little song from my childhood.  The verses might be worded differently nowadays and it should be borne in mind that modern scientists are of all genders and colours, but it’s very good for negotiating puddles.

We’ll drink a drink a drink
To Lily the Pink the Pink the Pink
The saviour of the human ra…ay…ace
For she invented medicinal compound
Most efficacious in every case.