The Clerk in the Country

Friday 23rd April 2021

Field of gold

A walk to “my” field this week proved that what looked to me on February 5th like kale is indeed oilseed rape, now flowering in all its golden glory.

On a sunny day I was accompanied on my route by a couple of Small Tortoiseshell butterflies, or more likely a couple of dozen, flying relays.  Peacock butterflies were also around, partridges and a pheasant flew off in alarm, and throughout, from overhead, the twittering of skylarks.

Meanwhile, in the back yard my Pied Wagtail neighbour is having trouble with yet another interloper.  As he struts along the top of the wall, this one keeps pace along a parallel wall behind the porch window.  Both fly off in unison when I wave a tea towel at them!