The Clerk in the Country

Friday 1st October 2021

It’s Autumn!

I thought at first that someone had dropped an apple in the yard but on closer inspection the “fruit” proved to be a conker in its shell.  Its distance from the chestnut tree was a puzzle; surely the wind hadn’t been so strong?  Then I noticed bits of empty conker shells scattered about underneath the tree, looking suspiciously as if they had been nibbled.  The following day all the fragments had been gathered together in a tidy heap at the base of the trunk.  Perhaps it would make it easier for the squirrels to spot freshly fallen conkers, or do they just like to keep things neat?

In near darkness one evening I heard a large flock of swans or geese honking loudly as they flew rapidly northwards.  Do they fly through the night or were they late in finding a suitable stretch of water to land on?

If anyone has the answers to these autumnal puzzles, please let me know.