The Clerk in the Country

Friday 22nd October 2021


The autumn influx of spiders continues, but summer saw an interesting encounter with some other small neighbours.  It began with a buzzing in the fireplace.  This fireplace has been out of use and blocked up for many years but, as I was shortly to discover, there was then still a way through for the very small.  Then but no longer!

The buzzing sounded like a bee.  It seemed to be lost and was muttering to itself.  Presently, it was joined by a companion.  The muttering became a dialogue.  A few more friends arrived and a conversation ensued.  The conversation became a conference; the conference turned into a public meeting, and things started to get heated.  Within half an hour of the first plaintive buzzing, a full-scale council of war was taking place within the blocked up fireplace … and then the invasion began!