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Secret Wartime Britain

22 Feb 2022
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7:30 PM
Colin Philpott
Secret Wartime Britain

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Secret Wartime Britain
Colin Philpott

During the Second World War, thousands of sites across Britain were requisitioned to support the war effort. Additionally, countless others were built from scratch regardless of cost. Often the purpose of these locations was concealed, even from those living close by. Colin has compiled a fascinating collection of examples of hidden places all over the country, many of which still exist today, albeit often now used for different purposes. They include underground factories, storage sites and headquarters; spy and communication centres; interrogation and POW camps; dummy sites; research facilities for chemical and atomic weapons; treasure stores in stately homes and even royal retreats in the event of invasion. Colin’s talk reveals where these sites where and examines how successfully they were kept secret.

Details of Colin Philpott’s Media Career: Colin Philpott Media website

Image: Battle of Britain Bunker at RAF Uxbridge – with permission

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