George Cayley – Made in Yorkshire

Professor Andy Marvin is interviewed about Sir George Cayley for North Yorkshire County Council’s series on people “Made in Yorkshire”

Link to NYCC Made in Yorkshire Website

Scroll down the above link for the video interview with Andy Marvin

“Great North Yorkshire sons and daughters is the first edition of Made in North Yorkshire. It will bring to life the resources held at the County Record Office, to capture the lives of important, but widely unknown people from across our county.

Our second Great North Yorkshire Son or Daughter, is Sir George Cayley, known as the ‘Father of Flight’. George Cayley was born in 1773 in the Paradise area of Scarborough (probably at Paradise House, where there is now a blue plaque commemorating his birth). He died in Brompton-by-Sawdon in 1857, aged 83 years old.”

Professor Marvin was also interviewed on Radio York on March 5th 2020.