Hadrian’s Wall 1900 Festival for 2022

The Festival will launch on Hadrian’s birthday on Monday 24 January 2022, with a year long programme, culminating with Saturnalia on 17-23 December 2022. Today the festival is providing a snapshot of activity, which will be added to in the coming months and right the way through 2022, with the first phase of a brand-new website for Hadrian’s Wall Country.

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1900 Hadrian’s Wall Country

Jane, Lady Gibson, Chair of Hadrian’s Wall Partnership said:
“After many months of planning and consultation it is a great pleasure to be announcing more information about the festival. We are looking forward to celebrating in such a diverse and exciting way and shining a light on the Wall and the communities that live and work alongside it. There is a real mix of activity on offer; from traditional Roman themed events to more contemporary offerings. It has been fantastic to see how the Wall has provided so much inspiration to people and how activity organisers have found new and exciting ways to tell its stories.”