York Consortium for Conservation and Craftsmanship. Second Tuesday Talks: July 14th, 11th August, 8th September 2020

This summer, the YCCC is running a free series of online events: ‘Second Tuesday Talks’. These informal talks will be held via Zoom at 19:00 on the second Tuesday of each month, from July to September.

In the first talk of the series, on Tuesday 14th July at 19:00, Bethan Griffiths (The Ironwork Studio) will explore how new ironwork is designed for heritage settings.

New designs in heritage settings will always stimulate debate. Whether the design is reticent and recessive, or boldly contemporary, there will always be vehement advocates for and against the outcome.

So how do you go about creating an imaginative and confident response, derived from the context, which not only respects but enhances historic surroundings?

Bethan will explore design approaches to new work in historic settings, illustrating her discussion with case studies. She will look at how, as designers, we can understand, respond to and engage with, the unique places for which they are commissioned.

Although this talk focuses upon ironwork, the same issues relate to other craft disciplines.

Further details from the YCCC website: Click here for more details and to book