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Constantine and Coinage: Interpreting the Wold Newton Hoard

15 Jan 2019
Start time
7:30 PM
Tempest Anderson Hall
Dr Andrew Woods, Senior Curator, York Museums Trust

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Constantine and Coinage: Interpreting the Wold Newton Hoard
Dr. Andrew Woods
Senior Curator, Yorkshire Museum

Discovered in 2014, the Wold Newton hoard is one of the largest hoards of its type ever found in Britain. Over 1800 coins were found, carefully hidden in a vessel, by a metal-detectorist. The hoard was buried at a crucial point in history, shortly after the death of the emperor Constantius in York and just as Constantine the Great was beginning his rise to power.

This paper will explore the story of the hoard’s discovery in the twenty-first century as well as seeking to interpret the context of its deposition in the fourth. Particular focus will be upon when, where and why it was buried as these questions can help us to better understand the economy and society of late Roman York.

Images courtesy of York Museums Trust (Yorkshire Museum)