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Bioenergy – Power Plants

4 Apr 2018
Start time
7:30 PM
City Screen Basement Bar
Dr Patrick Mason

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Bioenergy – Power Plants

Dr Patrick Mason

The use of wood to provide heat and light is one of the oldest and basic human technologies. Nevertheless, in our currently advanced state of technological development, we are returning to the use of biomass to satisfy our energy needs without using fossil fuels. The most obvious example is the burning of wood pellets (instead of coal) at Drax power station to generate electricity. But there are many other opportunities to harness the energy from biomass such as converting waste material sand agricultural residues to liquid or gaseous fuels. There is great potential for bioenergy to be a key means to achieving a fossil-fuel-free future.

Engineer Patrick Mason (IET, Supergen Bioenergy Hub and The University of Leeds) will be explaining where we can get bioenergy from, the technologies for converting it to useful energy and some of the potential problems that might be encountered. Come along to Café Scientifique, join in the discussion…. and claim your free bioenergy comic!

Wednesday 4th April in City Screen Basement
Doors open 7pm for 7.30pm presentation

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