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Can Wine Prevent Dementia?

12 Dec 2017
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7:30 PM
Tempest Anderson Hall
Dr Roger Pinder
RP Wine

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Can Wine Prevent Dementia?
Dr Roger Pinder

The increasing risk of developing dementia has paralleled the rise in life expectancy. The risk is not only influenced by immutable factors like age, gender and genetic vulnerability, but also by life circumstances such as mental and physical exercise, education level, concomitant illnesses and the medications used to treat them, social factors, and diet including alcohol consumption. Dementia is now the second leading cause of death among women in the UK.

Regular consumption of moderate amounts of alcohol has been associated with a lower risk of several conditions including cardiovascular disease, ischaemic stroke and Type 2 diabetes. Dementia follows a similar pattern. Virtually all of the studies are population-based epidemiological studies of the type which showed that tobacco smoking was associated with a higher risk of lung cancer. There are few of the rigorous placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trials used for evaluating new drugs. Nevertheless, regular consumption of alcohol, particularly wine, is associated with a reduced risk for developing dementia. Red wine contains more of the factors that can interfere with the brain neurochemical processes thought to be involved in the degenerative changes seen in dementia.