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Climate Change and Future Generations

25 Feb 2020
Start time
7:30 PM
Tempest Anderson Hall
Professor Hilary Graham, University of York

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Climate Change and Future Generations
Professor Hilary Graham, Department of Health Sciences, University of York

Climate change is unfolding – and accelerating – across generations. Without urgent action by today’s adults, we will leave behind a planet in which no one would want to live. The media plays a key role in shaping public debate, including Britain’s national newspapers which, via their multi-media platforms, continue to reach large audiences. The lecture briefly outlines why the Earth’s climate is changing so rapidly. It then focuses on how future generations – both today’s children and those yet to be born – are represented in newspaper coverage of climate change. It looks at coverage since 2010 – and whether the emergence of a global youth climate movement is reframing how climate change is covered by the British press.

Image credit: Frank Dwyer, courtesy of York Press