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Decarbonisation of the Northern Powerhouse

2 Nov 2019
Start time
10:00 AM
Tempest Anderson Hall
Decarbonisation of the Northern Powerhouse

Event Information

A Joint Meeting of the Yorkshire Geological Society and the Yorkshire Philosophical Society, contributing to the Geological Society of London Year of Carbon, 2019

Convened by a team from the British Geological Survey, University of Hull School and the Yorkshire Geological Society, the meeting will highlight the scientific, economic and social challenges and potential solutions for decarbonisation.

Keynote Speakers:

Prof Mike Stephenson, British Geological Survey

From carbonisation to decarbonisation: a geological perspective on the Industrial Revolution and the low carbon challenge to come

Philip Ringrose, Equinor ASA

Dimensioning storage for systematic supply of Hydrogen energy systems

Prof David Manning, Newcastle University

Carbon capture in urban soils as a passive climate mitigation tool

Shorter talks will cover a range of other topics including Carbon storage in underground rock formations, industrial wastes and reforestation, Geothermal energy resources and monitoring of environmental impacts Supplying minerals for transport electrification.

image: mhoulden https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:River_Aire_and_River_Ouse.jpg

Free registration to attend the meeting is now open, please register at:-https://decarbnorthernpowerhouse.eventbrite.co.uk/