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Fantastic Planets and How to Find them

7 Feb 2018
Start time
7:30 PM
City Screen Basement Bar
Dr Emily Brunsden, University of York

Event Information

Fantastic planets and how to find them

Dr Emily Brunsden, University of York

Imagine living in a world with three Suns, red jungles or endless night. These ideas have moved from fiction to reality as we discover more and more fantastic planets in our galaxy. This talk explains how we find such amazing worlds and how we know what they might be like.

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/T. Pyle (IPAC)

Wednesday 7th February in City Screen Basement
Doors open 7pm for 7.30pm presentation

Tickets are free and can be pre-booked by phone or on-line with City Screen (0871 902 5726).

Alternatively tickets are available on the night of the event at the City Screen Ticket Desk.

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