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Genome Data privacy debate. 7.30pm Wednesday 1st June

1 Jun 2016
Start time
7:30 PM
City Screen Basement Bar

Event Information

Genome Data Privacy Debate

With Expert Witnesses we will discuss the issues around Genome Data Privacy.

Issues such as should all children have their genome sequenced at birth or does an individual have the right to refuse to have their genome sequenced? Is it right that genomic data be used outside medicine? Do British citizens have a moral responsibility to share their genome for the greater good? Shall we allow private companies access to genomic data? Is sharing profits that companies make from genomic data with participants permissible? Does the right to privacy outweigh the societal benefit of genomic research?

Doors open 7.15pm. Tickets are free and can be pre-booked by phone or on-line with City Screen (0871 902 5726)

Alternatively tickets are available on the night of the event at the City Screen Ticket Desk – limited to 70 each event