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When is a Gene really a Gene? …or How to Unify the Language of Science

7 Nov 2018
Start time
7:30 PM
City Screen Basement Bar
Dr Allyson Lister, University of Oxford

Event Information

When is a Gene really a Gene? …or How to Unify the Language of Science.

Dr Allyson Lister, Knowledge Engineer, University of Oxford

Scientists love data. They love generating data, sharing data, visualising data and analysing data. We even love t-shirts showing off our data. So it’s no surprise that vast quantities of scientific data are being created every day. But how can we keep on top of the data deluge? How can we structure it and share it so that valuable information isn’t lost in a dusty corner of the internet? Using biological data as an example and with a focus on semantics, this presentation will provide an overview of how we can describe scientific data, and how we can teach computers to understand the data they’re storing.

Wednesday 7th November in City Screen Basement
Doors open 7pm for 7.30pm presentation

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