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Evidence-Based Education

31 Oct 2017
Start time
7:30 PM
Tempest Anderson Hall
Professor Bette Chambers

Event Information

Evidence-Based Education

Professor Bette Chambers, Director, Institute for Effective Education

We’ve all been to school so we all have opinions about what are effective teaching and learning practices. However, until recently not a lot of hard evidence has existed to help guide educators to what educational practices work to improve learning. There is a growing movement of evidence-based education that is changing all that, in the same ways that research has made vast improvements in fields such as medicine and agriculture. Professor Bette Chambers, Director of the Institute for Effective Education, will show how head teachers and teachers can find proven practices and interventions to make their teaching more effective and efficient. Evidence-based education has the potential to improve achievement for children world-wide.

Member’s report

Teachers need to understand different methods of teaching, the effects on learning ability of the different backgrounds of pupils, and the necessity for educational interventions. Teachers need to test those interventions by analysing the outcomes. That much was already clear to an audience, many of whom were experienced teachers, who had long been aware of it. Despite comparisons with other very different fields of endeavour, sadly, there were few examples of such interventions in teaching situations or of their educational outcomes. As an example of explaining their subject to those who know more about it than you do, it could not be surpassed.

Carole Smith