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The Missing Lynx: the Past and Future of Britain’s Lost Mammals

21 Jul 2021
Start time
2:30 PM
Tempest Anderson Hall
Dr Ross Barnett
The Missing Lynx: the Past and Future of Britain's Lost Mammals

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The Missing Lynx: the Past and Future of Britain’s Lost Mammals
Dr Ross Barnett

In his book “The Missing Lynx” palaeontologist Ross Barnett uses case studies, new fossil discoveries and biomolecular evidence to paint a picture of these lost species and to explore the ecological significance of their disappearance. He discusses how the Britons these animals shared their lives with might have viewed them and investigates why some species survived while others vanished.

Ross Barnett also looks in detail at the realistic potential of reintroductions, rewilding and even of resurrection in Britain and overseas, from the successful return of beavers in Argyll to the revolutionary Pleistocene Park in Siberia, which has already seen progress in the revival of ‘mammoth steppe’ grassland.

We are delighted that he will join us in York in July.

Please note that due to Covid Regulations there is limited capacity in the Lecture Theatre and this event is free but must be pre-booked.

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The John and Anne Phillips prizes for Geology students at The University of Hull for 2020 and 2021 will be announced at this event.