Past Symposia


We held two symposia with outside organisations.

The first of these was the 25th Anniversary Meeting of the History of Geology Group (HOGG) which was also supported by York Museums Trust. Entitled ‘The genesis of geology in York and beyond‘, it took place on 23rd – 24th October.

The first session, before lunch on 23 October, was held in the Marriott Room, York Explore, while the afternoon activities were in the Yorkshire Museum. 24 October was an optional field day, with visits to the outside of the Kirkdale cave and sites of ironstone discovery in Rosedale. We were also able to enjoy a virtual tour of the inside of Kirkdale cave.

Full details of both days’ activities are given in pdf’s which can be downloaded by clicking on the links below:-

HOGG YPS YORK Conference Abstracts Booklet Oct 2019 ONLINE

HOGG YPS York Meeting Kirkdale Cave Field Booklet Oct 2019 ONLINE

HOGG YPS YORK Rosedale Magnetic Ironstone Conundrum Oct 2019 ONLINE

To see the virtual tour of the Kirkdale Cave, click on the link below:-

The second symposium was a joint meeting with the Yorkshire Geological Society in the Tempest Anderson Hall on Saturday 2nd November. It, too was supported by York Museums Trust.

Entitled ‘Decarbonisation of the Northern Powerhouse’ the meeting aimed to display the crucial role of geology in both reducing and removing carbon and carbon dioxide from processes and the environment in the short, medium and long term.

A summary of the papers presented can be downloaded by clicking here:-

Joint Meeting YGS Decarbonisation


We held two  Jurassic-themed symposia to support the new exhibition at the Yorkshire Museum – ‘Yorkshire’s Jurassic World’.

The first of these,

‘Uncovering Yorkshire’s Jurassic’ was held at the museum on Saturday May 19th,

and the second

“Vertebrates of the Jurassic”, (or to give its full title) “Mammals, Dinosaurs and Sea Dragons of the Jurassic: recent developments in vertebrate palaeontology” on Saturday November 3rd.

More information on each of these may be found by clicking on the links at the left hand side of this page.