Single Day Trip T&C’s

YPS Booking Terms & Conditions for One-Day Trips and Events
Updated 29/10/2021
(Note- other YPS Terms and Conditions apply for Multi- Day Tours)

Booking– Early booking is much appreciated, as it makes planning considerably easier.

To make a booking, complete and return the official booking form, together with the full amount due. A receipt will be issued by email or otherwise. This is not a guarantee that the tour is viable and will run.

When the number of people booking reaches the point at which the trip/event becomes economically viable (the viability date) you will be sent a confirmation of your booking and that the event will run.

The organiser will communicate primarily with the lead person on the booking form, who must communicate in turn with other people named on the form.

If you do not provide an email address for the person making the booking, please provide two SAE’s for communications from the trip organiser.

Note- it is very helpful to provide landline and mobile phone numbers and email address for every person booked for the trip, in case of unforeseen events.


·       All moneys paid for the cancelled event will be repaid in full to the person who made the booking. No administration or other charges will be made in the case of an event failing to attract the numbers of people needed to become viable.

By the person booking
·       All cancellations between the booking and the viability date will forfeit the administration charge*.
·       A cancellation made after the notified viability date will normally lead to the loss of the full amount paid. However, if an acceptable substitute participant is found, a partial refund may be made.


The YPS accepts no responsibility for any loss or injury suffered while taking part in one of its trips or events.  Participants are advised to take out appropriate travel insurance, which should include cancellation and accident cover.

It is the responsibility of each individual participant to ensure that they are fit enough to take part in each activity and to wear appropriate clothing, footwear, and any required safety equipment if appropriate.

Changes to the Itinerary

The itinerary, programme, and timing for each event or trip are given in good faith, but are subject to change at the sole discretion of the YPS trip leader, in order to accommodate travel delays, bad weather, and other unforeseen events.

Contributions to YPS Funds

Note that an objective of YPS trips and events is to generate modest funds for the YPS to meet its charitable objectives, and not to be a drain on YPS finances. Hence, a small YPS administrative charge* will be included in the costs, and any unspent contingency will be donated to the YPS unless otherwise stated.

* The administration charge is now £3.00 for full-day events, £2.00 for half-day events, and £1.00 for short informal events under 2 hours