YPS Terms and Conditions for UK Multi-day Tours

(Updated October 2022)

To download this document as a PDF click here:-YPS Terms and Conditions for Multiday Tours (Updated October 2022


All YPS study tours and other trips in the UK that involve an overnight stay are organised through the UK Holiday Group Limited trading as “Just for Groups!” (hereafter referred to as JFG). (See www.justforgroups.co.uk) This arrangement gives the security of an ABTA member, professional experience, and personal liability insurance for all passengers.

In the initial stages, YPS will take responsibility for publicity and collecting initial expressions of interest from members, while JFG will work on finalising the details of the tour, and then issue the formal booking form. Most arrangements and payments will be made by JFG, but, some small costs will be covered by YPS, and you will need to pay these in a separate cheque.

Briefly, JFG will cover the hotel, coach hire, and entry to attractions where there is a clear charging policy. YPS will cover the YPS administration charges, gratuities to the coach driver and hotel, and entry charges/donations to attractions that do not have a clear charging policy.

Note that any financial surplus from the tour will be donated to the YPS towards its administrative costs and charitable objectives.

How to book and pay for the tour

The YPS Tour Leader or Clerk will send you an official JFG booking form, insurance form and other JFG documents, as well as a copy of this YPS document. Early booking is much appreciated, as it makes planning considerably easier.

When you are ready to book

The booking and insurance forms should be completed and returned to the YPS Lodge, Museum Gardens, York, YO1 7DR. with the two cheques below. Correspondence will be sent only to the lead (first named) participant. A YPS receipt will be issued, by email or otherwise. This is not a guarantee that the tour is viable and will run.

1. YPS payment cheque – typically £25 to £40 pp. This cheque should payable to Yorkshire Philosophical Society (in full). The cheque will be held by YPS until the deadline for bookings and will then be banked by the YPS.

2. JFG deposit cheque –as requested by JFG plus extra for JFG insurance if required. This cheque should be made payable to “Just for Groups” but will be held by YPS until the deadline for bookings.

The insurance form should be completed and submitted, even if you are not taking out JFG insurance. Also see section on Insurance below.

Provided YPS has enough bookings and deposits to make the trip viable by the due date for deposits, the YPS will pass on to JFG all the booking forms and cheques made out to JFG.

Before that time, the terms and conditions in this YPS document will apply.

Once the forms and cheques are received and acknowledged by JFG,t hey will take over all responsibility for the trip. From then, the YPS, its tour leader, and the passengers are all contractually customers of JFG and the JFG Terms and Conditions will apply to all monies paid to them. Neither the YPS nor its tour leader has financial, legal, or insurance responsibilities for the study tour or trip.

When the balance is due-

JFG will invoice the balance payments directly to the lead participants, including the single supplement where appropriate. Payment can be made by phone using a debit or credit card, or by cheque made payable to “Just for Groups” and sent to them at the address given on the invoice.

YPS Terms and Conditions


If the YPS judges that the tour is not viable (at or before the closing date for deposits), we will advise lead participants of the tour cancellation, and return all cheques to them.

If you yourself cancel your booking before the due date for deposits you will incur a YPS administration charge of £3 per booking, payable to the YPS. However, we will return your deposit cheques (to both YPS and JFG) to you.

If you cancel your booking after the due date for deposits you will incur a YPS administration charge of £3 pp per day of the tour, payable to the YPS, and also be subject to the JFG terms and conditions for all monies paid to JFG. Obligations to JFG can be mitigated by taking out travel insurance.

Changes to the itinerary

The itinerary, programme and timing for each tour are given in good faith, but JFG and the YPS tour leader reserve the right to change arrangements in order to accommodate travel delays, bad weather, Covid issues, or other unforeseen events. The JFG Terms and Conditions will apply.


The YPS and tour leader accept no responsibility for any loss or injury suffered while taking part in one of its tours. It is the responsibility of each individual participant to ensure they are fit enough to take part in each activity and to wear appropriate clothing, footwear or safety equipment as required.

It is strongly recommended by both the YPS and JFG that participants take out travel insurance, either with JFG* or a firm of your choice, although YPS has negotiated a special arrangement with JFG to allow participants to self-insure at their own risk, should they choose to do so.

However, all participants, whether or not they take out JFG insurance, must read and complete the JFG insurance policy summary form, which in Part A gives the option of choosing alternative cover. If a participant decides not to take any insurance cover at all, tick the “no” box in Part A, and in Part B write “I/we have decided not to take out insurance cover and agree that I/we are personally liable for all the associated risks and costs.” For some tours JFG may require a special indemnity form to be completed.

You must also fill in Part C so that JFG has full contact details.

*The JFG travel insurance policy changes from time to time. Typically it is is competitively priced, but does have restrictions, particularly for pre-existing medical conditions, and for those of 65 years and over in relation to redundancy and death benefits – please read the policy for more information. The insurance policy does not provide cover until JFG has received payment and has accepted your application.

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