Yorkshire Scientists and Innovators Group

One of the aims of the Yorkshire Philosophical Society is to promote the public understanding of science.  The 2012 York Science and Innovation Grand Tour generated the idea of creating a list of Yorkshire scientists and innovators, and to write short biographical or historical articles on them. Contributors to the project include members of YPS, speakers who have presented YPS lectures, and other associates. Completed articles are published on this website (see the Resources page: www.ypsyork.org/resources/yorkshire-scientists-and-innovators/) and it is hoped they will form the basis of an educational resource for the history of science.

Updates on the progress of the project and announcements of new content will appear in the website News posts as well as in the periodic YPS Newsletter.

Contributors wanted!

The project is on-going and you are invited to participate. If you would like to produce a short article about a Scientist or Innovator from Yorkshire or with a connection to Yorkshire, please contact the YPS office. Alternatively, talk to a member of the YPS Council at a future YPS event.
The group set up by YPS Council to manage this project is currently chaired by Dr Peter Hogarth.