Grants are available from the Society to aid independent research or exceptional publication costs. Special consideration is given to applicants working in the County of Yorkshire and the work should fall within the aims of the Society:  “The promotion of natural science and the study of archaeology and antiquities in the County of Yorkshire and elsewhere”

2020 grants

Colin Speakman: £250 towards publication of his book: “John Phillips: Yorkshire’s traveller through time“.
Annette McGrath: £200 towards York University virtual field trips.

2019 grants

York Museums Trust:-
£500 towards the John Hampshire Roman Festival
£250 to support the work of the gardeners
£1,430 towards the Calotype Project
£2,500 for Museums Gardens signage
£500 for library signage
£500 for environmental projects and Lodge safety
£600 for preparation of the Arthur Hurst ceramics exhibition
£450 for improvements to the sound system in TA Hall
£100 for Henry Baines awards (Small awards for apprentices and work-experience students in the Gardens who demonstrate commitment and aptitude for a horticultural career)

Fridaythorpe, Fimber & Wetwang Archaeology Project:
£300 to support the work on the geophysical mapping of potential archaeology sites in Yorkshire, and to make the results easily accessible to the archaeological community.

2018 grants

York Museums Trust: £3,500 towards the ‘Jurassic World’ exhibition, £400 towards the Jurassic Symposium, and £795 towards a solar telescope.
Scarborough Archaeological & Historical Society: £300 towards archaeological excavation at Hanging Grimston
Yorkshire Geological Society: £250 towards costs of Joint symposium on 19 May 2018.

2017 grants

York Museums Trust: £4,000 towards the ‘Jurassic World’ exhibition

Fishergate, Fulford and Heslington Local History Society, £100 towards publication of an archaeological investigation at the former church of St Oswald.

2016 grants

York Museums Trust: £932 towards the sound system in the Tempest Anderson Hall.

York Archaeological Trust: £500 towards refurbishment of the Jorvik Centre after flooding.

2015 grants

£200 to York Archaeological Trust towards digitisation of the Trust’s archive.

£200 to York Archaeological Trust towards research and publication of the “York and Yorkshire North Riding Hearth Tax Returns“.

2014 grants

York Museums Trust: £2,000, towards the display of William Smith exhibits in the Reading Room of the Yorkshire Museum.

Naples Aquarium: £250, towards the upkeep of the aquarium and its archives, which contain correspondence from Dr Tempest Anderson.

2013 grants

£250 to The York Food History Group, towards publication of “The recipe book of Harriet Fox“.
£300 to York Archaeological Trust, towards an oral history project and publication “The Shambles, York”.
£100 to Professor Edward Royle, towards publication of Mrs Ellen Gibson Wilson’s “History of the Great Yorkshire Election of 1807“.
£1000 to York Museums Trust, towards the Big Bang Festival 2014

2012 grants

£250 York Archaeological Trust, towards oral history project and publication: Coney Street, York
£1000 to York Museums Trust, towards the purchase of two Iron Age gold torcs.

2011 grants

£250 to Dr M E Archer, towards publication of “People, places and species: a history of the study of wasps, ants and bees in Watsonian Yorkshire“.

£400 to Sessions Book Trust, towards publication costs of “The almshouses of York” by Carole Smith

£250 towards to York Archaeological Trust for the oral history project and publication “Sport in York and the Olympic Games” by Van Wilson.

£1000 to York Museums Trust towards the purchase of a Viking-Anglian sapphire ring.

2010 grants

£250 to York archaeological Trust, towards publication of “The changing face of Clifton” (YAT Oral History Project series, no. 4)

£250 to Dringhouses Local History Group, towards publication of “Discovering Dringhouses: aspects of a village history”.

£300 to Dr Mary Garrison, towards an exhibition, booklet, and associated events on Alcuin’s Library

£1000 to York Museums Trust, towards the St Leonard’s Undercroft Project